It’s all Hen House Rock-n-Roll (and Positive Leaps) in 2013!

by henandinkblots

No bell bottom blues for these birds… Eggs-hausted chickens in Kent have a new place to flock when they need a holiday – a luxury re-tweet called Fowlty Towers. The hotel for chickens is the brainchild of Julie Smith.  She started the business after she recognised a need for a chicken hotel in her local community.  People would often ask her to look after their hens went they went on holiday, so she decided to open a hen hotel.  It’s for hen parties only however, cockerels are banned for fear of fowl play. (From

Risking white bell bottoms and echoes of ABBA, Chick Hen (& Skunk) of Hen&ink Literary tap their various toes and sing out (sing out), “Take a chance on YOU!”

Henandink 2013 chick toon

Cartoon (c) 2012 Doug Cushman and Hen&ink Literary